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Business Club Italia is a "think  tank" set up in London in September 1995 . Members are Italian and Italian-speaking business men and women involved in various professions, businesses, industries and organisations and has become one of the most significant forums for discussion about issues relating to Italy as viewed from the City of London.


The Club has no political affiliation, and its purpose is to facilitate constructive interchange amongst its members and Italian personalities and experts active on the Italian scene in relation to issues of an economic, cultural, political and academic nature.


Business Club Italia offers the Italian Community in London a means of contact and communication with the financial and business worlds in Italy, a club for businessmen and entrepreneurs dealing with Italy, which also acts as a forum for conveying the views of its members and the local market to the various economic forces in Italy.


The Club hosts breakfast meetings, conferences, round table discussions etc with businessmen, entrepreneurs, economists, politicians, journalists and accademics to provide an opportunity for this exchange of information to take palce and to experience first hand what is going on in "Sistema Italia".  The Club is non profit-making, and its activities are financed by membership dues.


The Club is run by a Governing Council (Consiglio Direttivo) which is made up of 15 individuals selected from amongst the members.   His Excellency the Italian Ambassador to the Court of St James's is the Honorary President of the Club.  The President is Giovanni Sanfelice di Monteforte and the Director General is Sidney Celia Ross.


The Club has over 200 members including Non Resident Members and Guest Members who were past speakers.  Business Club Italia is also affiliated with the following clubs worldwide:

  • ADIE – Associazione Dirigenti Italiani All’Estero di Ginevra
  • British Italian Society di Londra
  • BAA - Bocconi Alumni Association di Londra
  • Bocconi Alumni of New York
  • Canova Club di Roma e Milano
  • Ex-Citi di Milano
  • GEI Gruppo Esponenti Italiani di New York
  • Il Club di Dublino
  • Italian Vision Club di Praga
  • Trinita’ dei Monti
Paolo Filo della Torre
24 March 2014
In Memory of Paolo Filo della Torre

The Council and Members of Business Club Italia fondly remember Paolo Filo della Torre

Vice President of the Club from 1995 to 2014